What We Do!

The Chamber is not just about supporting business; it has always believed in contributing to the wider life of the town and works in partnership with a wide range of local organisations, groups and events.

Partners include Burnley Town Council, Burnley Town Partnership, Burnley Town Centre Manager and Charter Walk Management.

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We also offer a 20% reduction in standard contract parking charges in Burnley Town Centre which makes even our maximum membership fee of £30.00 seem very good value.

Past achievements
Include establishing;

  • Promoting parking facilities in our area and continues to monitor the number of parking places, both on and off street to ensure that motorists are adequately catered for.


  • The Chamber has removed unfair trading advantages and fought hard against one-day sales which no longer take place in publicly owned buildings.
  • A planning application to establish a Drug and Alcohol Centre in Standish Street was fought against and with the Chambers backing was over-turned.


  • We work closely with Borough Council Officers, the Police and CCTV.

Ongoing Projects

Every year is an exciting year for the Chamber with a number of initiatives always in development or being delivered and the more members we have, the more progress we make for a greater number of businesses.

Burnley Chamber is currently progressing initiatives including;

  • Discussing the latest news coming out of the planned new leisure development in Curzon Street and being in a position to put forward a constructive point of view where possible.


  • Helping with web and social media projects for Burnley and Padiham

Much of the Chambers work goes unpublished at the request of the members and many problems that have seemed insurmountable have been channelled to a satisfactory conclusion.